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Just went for first time today (on a Saturday). Explained a ridiculous quote I got from Lamb's (The one up near 2222 and 620) and BSP got me in and taken care of for about $100 less than Lamb's (for the same project - replacing CV and axle on Murano). Am not going to Lamb's anymore, but would go to BSP again. Will is the manager I spoke with and he was courteous and clear without any B.S. He also took a coupon they had on website without any hassle or brow-beating whatsoever making it even better. Try them out - clean shop, honest work. I would go back. (BTW, they are full service, not just brakes and/or CV joints.)


Yesterday I was on my way to a friend's home. I was only 2 blocks from my house when I braked to slow down. My foot went all the way to the floor and was barely able to stop. I was very close to Brake Specialists Plus so I crawled to their shop. I have used their services before and was happy with their work. They checked out my car and discovered the calipers were leaking, and there was no brake fluid. The repairs were made and I left a very happy and now safe, customer.


The day after I received the title to my car and after years of monthly payments service engine lit up. The first time I remember this happening. I cursed Murphy's Law then made minimizations about the severity of the problem and finally decided to take my car in and confront the strain on my already limited budget. I'd been taking my car to Brake Specialists Plus for brake checks, minor repairs and oil changes for the last few years. They had always been up front about costs and reasonable in price for service. So I felt confident when I dropped off my car and hoped for a minor issue. After a conversation with the mechanic the customer service explained the issue and asked to conduct a test on the vehicle to locate the specific area of the problem. After they conducted the test, they realized that the culprit was a forgetful driver not fully tightening the gas cap. While I was embarrassed, I was also relieved it was nothing and...maybe I don't expect mechanics to overlook forgetfulness in lieu of getting compensation...but I expected to be charged for their work. But I wasn't. Kudos in my book! Extra kudos for not giving me grief about the gas cap!!! Next time I filled up I checked the gas cap...so yeah...there's even a warning about the engine light going off if not properly tightened. Who knew?


Mechanic Jason very helpful, very smart and competent. I was quite pleased with the fast service and courteous attention.


Aaron has always hooked me up. Every time he quotes me a price, I have shopped it to find out if it's legit. I really should stop doing that because I'm wasting my time. He's always has the lowest price and I can trust their work so much that my entire family uses Brake Specialists Plus.


Highly, Highly recommend. Exceptional service, fair prices and just good honest folks. I won't trust my cars to anyone else.

Thanks for the review Camille

- Hutto

Best Customer Service EVER!!

Best Customers Ever !!

- Cedar Park

i had a little problem with my windshield wipers and I took my lexus to them. the first thing they told me was to get it to the dealer so that i can get it for free in case it requires any parts (useful advice +1). i insisted that it is just some small issue- so they had a look at the car. it took them 15 mins to fix the issue, and they didn't charge me anything for that. i mean nothing - zilch. i would give them high rating for being honest and trustworthy, as they actually did some work and they could have charged me. i just got the wiper mounting tightened from the lexus dealer ship and it came loose in like 2 weeks, so if it lasts longer than that, in a way they did some work for free (and better than the dealership). it saved me a lot of time too compared to the dealer.

thanks Alok!

- South Austin 1417 W. William Cannon Blvd


thank you for the 5 stars

- 12990 Research

Really a fan of Brake Specialists! True pricing and no nonsense diagnostics. And it really helps they have many specials on their website. They really try and help the customer and are pretty good about getting me in without and appointment. Really love their frequent oil change card too!