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Our name says it all! When you visit our shops, you’re visiting the home of the local experts. That means we handle every auto repair and maintenance service for all makes and models of vehicles. Keeping you on the road is our top priority, not fixing cars. We’d rather avoid costly auto repairs altogether and hear about all the problems you’re not having because of our effective service plan. Austin's Automotive Specialists in Austin, Buda, Hutto, Lakeway, Round Rock, and Cedar Park, TX know that any quality auto tech should be focused on prevention. You didn’t invest all that money in your vehicle to have it in our service bay for expensive repairs. Your visits to our shop are meant to enhance your vehicle’s performance, extend its longevity, and keep you safe on the road. We treat customers like family and their vehicles like our own. And we love our cars. Yours receives an even higher level of special care and attention.

State-of-the-Art Tools & Technology

Our equipment is second only to our experience and training. They are the perfect complement to our service expertise. We take your vehicle to another level of performance and safety with every appointment. Austin's Automotive Specialists understands that you have other things to worry about. Your vehicle’s safety and peak performance should be a given when you leave our shop. Unfortunately, it takes more than just exceptional manufacturing and engineering to ensure your vehicle’s optimal performance. Not even an expensive price tag can be depended upon to protect your vehicle from malfunction. What protects your vehicle’s performance is the dedicated technicians at Austin's Automotive Specialists. Our customers stay committed to us because they know the quality of our auto repairs and the quality of the service experience. Choose our team of technicians first, and keep your auto repairs quick, accurate, and affordable.

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We use advanced technologies to make sure your vehicle is receiving the best services possible. Our highly qualified professionals are waiting for your phone call or your visit. Reach out to us so we can let you know exactly how we’re going to return your vehicle to peak performance. The road to peak performance starts at Austin's Automotive Specialists with a top-notch service plan that addresses every vehicle system–engine, mechanical, and electrical. We’ll keep you two steps ahead of any performance issue to save you time and money on costly and time-consuming repairs. Give us a call today at one of our ten state-of-the-art facilities to schedule an appointment. Find the shop that’s closest to you. We have five throughout the Austin area, as well as Buda, Cedar Park, Hutto, Lakeway, and Round Rock locations in the surrounding areas.

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12 Month 24,000 Mile Warranty

I went in to have them look at my battery. They checked it out, and let me know I needed a new one. But instead of eagerly taking my $200, they recommended that I take my car to the Hyundai dealership, because the battery was probably still under warranty (duh, why didn't I think of this to begin with)! A HUGE thank you to Doug for giving me some awesome advice, and I am so grateful I was able to get my battery checked out for free! These guys are great when it comes to customer service. Next time I need my car serviced, Austin's Automotive Specialists will be my 1st and only choice!

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Locally Owned

In 1979, Austin’s Automotive Specialists, a family owned and locally operated auto repair center in Austin, TX, first opened its garage doors. Austin’s Automotive Specialists was founded upon the principle of providing quality, reliable automotive maintenance and repairs with excellent customer service. Because of this principle, by the late 1980’s Austin’s Automotive Specialists had already grown to four locations in the larger Texas area.

As the automotive repair industry evolved in the early 90’s, so did our auto shop. We grew along with everyone else, and added four more stores between 1990 and 1997. We, just like Austin, were not done growing there, and added our ninth shop in 1999 followed by several more locations between 2006 and 2007.