Why is My Parked Car Leaking Oil?

Changing your oil is one of the most important and simplest car maintenance tasks you could do. High quality, clean oil helps prevent too much friction from taking place within the engine. It prevents corrosion by keeping the engine lubricated to avoid any essential components from rubbing together. As oil gets dirty, it becomes less effective, leading to vital parts wearing down on each other. If it’s been a long time since you’ve had an oil change, your check engine light may come on, or you may notice a leak in extreme circumstances. It can even come as a surprise if you see a puddle of oil under your vehicle after running an errand. Below are a few key reasons why oil may leak while your car is parked:

A blown head gasket
If you’re driving an older vehicle, the head gasket could be blown. There’s also the possibility that the rubber material surrounding the engine block may have decomposed. Both of these items would eventually need to be replaced to resolve the issue.

The oil filter may be damaged.
If the filter is damaged, a leak may occur while the oil flows from the filter to the engine.

The oil pan is damaged.
You can end up with a damaged oil pan if you hit a pothole or rock that dents or damages the oil pan. Any holes or dents can cause a slow leak that eventually leads to a puddle of oil under your vehicle.

The gasket or seals are broken.
Your vehicle becomes very hot after it’s been driven several miles. After a drive, the heated engine components put a lot of pressure on the seals and gaskets. The seals and gaskets are vital because they prevent oil seepage. Once the drive is over, your vehicle cools down, causing the metal to contract. That may leave gaps between the seals; oil can leak. A bad valve seal may need to be replaced if it’s worn or damaged.

Make a habit out of regularly changing your oil; it keeps your engine running smoothly. If you notice an oil leak in the Austin area, bring your vehicle into Austin's Automotive Specialist. Our trained technicians are available to inspect your oil leak, determine a cause, and suggest the best solution. The larger the leak, the bigger the problem. Don’t procrastinate; we’d be happy to develop plans to get you safely back on the road in no time.


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