Why Is My Car Vibrating at Higher Speeds?

It's dangerous driving at highway or freeway speeds while experiencing cabin vibration or a shaky steering wheel. Such vibrations are a sign of an underlying issue with your vehicle -needing repair as soon as possible to ensure your safety on the road. Down below, you will find some of the reasons that can make a car vibrate.

Unaligned Wheels

The most common reason for car vibrations mainly felt in the steering wheel, is an unalignment in the wheels. Improper balance in even one of the wheels can lead to a constant change of direction, resulting in vibrations. You can spot if the problem is in the back wheels by feeling the vibrations all through the car.

Warped Rotors

Another issue may be bent or warped rotors. This can especially be noticed when accelerating to high speeds and breaking afterward. Uneven contact between the brakes and rotors occurs, causing vibrations - or even pulling to one side.

Rim And Tire Damage

When you hit a curb or go through a pothole, the vehicle's tires and rims are the first to make contact - therefore, they are the first to take damage. Bent or cracked rims cause uneven weight distribution and damage their structural integrity. On the other hand, cut or bulged tires make the wheel pressure irregular - causing a bumpy and shaky drive.

Loose Lug Nuts

Whether you changed the tires or a repair shop, loose lug nuts are more common than you think. If the nuts aren’t tightened properly, they could loosen within a couple of miles and cause vibrations. Keep in mind that this can also happen naturally over time. With the constant bumps on the road, little by little, it untightens itself. Give the lug nuts a check once in a while, just to make sure everything is as intended.

Your car could be shaking at high speeds for a variety of reasons. Always start with the most obvious cause, unbalanced or out-of-alignment wheels, when determining the cause.  If you want to avoid guessing the cause, we advise you to visit Austin's Automotive Specialists for a professional examination and repair.