Do I Need to Get a Fuel System Cleaning?

Though a fuel system cleaning is not done as often as an oil service or tire rotations, it is still an essential maintenance item. As you put miles on your vehicle, dirt and other contaminants can collect and sit in the gas tank, fuel lines, fuel pump, and fuel injectors. Furthermore, the fuel filter will get clogged due to its constant usage. Leaving all these parts unattended without proper maintenance can end up hurting your engine.

Industry experts recommend having a fuel system cleaning every 30,000 miles, give or take, to keep the system in good shape. The interval could vary depending on what your manufacturer outlines for your specific vehicle's model/year. 

A professional technician should always do a fuel system cleaning. They will typically begin by flushing the entire system and cleaning it with chemicals. It can also include a filter change depending on its condition. Additionally, they will examine your fuel pump and fuel injectors for signs of wear and tear and change out any parts if needed.

What are the advantages of getting fuel system cleaning?

  • Enhance Engine Performance - Your engine will appreciate a flush or cleaning every once in a while. The motor will be provided with cleaner fuel, making the combustion process more seamless and efficient.
  • Better Fuel Economy - One major bonus of on-time fuel cleanings is higher fuel economy. Since your engine will run smoother, it will consume less gas. You might not see a dramatic increase in MPGs right off the bat, but it will yield savings over time.
  • Protects Engine in the Long Run - A fuel system service isn't an opt-in or opt-out kind of service; instead, it is considered a necessary preventative maintenance procedure. Getting them done will allow your engine to run without problems and last you for a more extended period.

If you've recently been experiencing a loss in engine performance, a fuel system cleaning might do the trick. Let Austin's Automotive Specialist be your top choice in all your automotive needs. We welcome you to call or visit one of our ten convenient locations today!