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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Everything You Need To Know About the Oil Light

How to Deal with the Dashboard Light You're driving along when a light illuminates on your dashboard. You look down and see a little icon of an oil can. That is your change oil light. If you are like a lot of drivers, you aren't fully sure what it means. So, most of the time, you just take it to your mechanic. Of course, a lot of other drivers just ignore the light. Below is a little of what you need to know about what it means. The Change Oil Soon Light Most vehicles have a change oil soon light. This turns on when you need to change your oil soon. Undoubtedly, you are shocked by this revelation. Don't wait on getting that oil change. Whether you do it yourself or have someone take care of it for you, it is best to take care of it right away. You can likely drive for around a week after it turns on without an issue. However, it is not worth the risk to push the limits. Just get the oil change then continue driving. This type of light counts the miles between oil changes. When you have ... read more


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