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How to save money on gas mileage during the summer

This year summer is bringing a lot of sun and blazing heat. This season is the perfect opportunity for a road trip. Gas prices may not be as low as they once were, but with some simple adjustments to your driving habits, you can get summer gas mileage. Below are some fuel-saving ideas to get better gas mileage for your summer road trip. Avoid driving too aggressively. Take your time and drive safely. There is no need to drive in a way that risks your life and the lives of others. Not only is weaving in and out of traffic dangerous, but it’s also bad for your gas mileage. Aggressive driving with hard braking and acceleration decreases your gas mileage by 33%, according to Slow down. Do you like to do a little “pedal to the metal” sometimes? It’s a guilty pleasure for most. To save on gas mileage, slow down a bit when driving. For every 5mph that you drive over 50 mph, your fuel efficiency drops. Use the A/C strategically. Using the A/C at high spee ... read more