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Comprehensive Honda Auto Care

From the Civic to the Accord, there are options available for anyone looking to purchase a Honda vehicle. With a reputation for performance, safety, and reliability, it's easy to understand why the vehicle brand is among the most popular in the world! The team at Austin's Automotive Specialist is committed to preserving just that. We staff our facility with ASE Certified technicians and service advisors to ensure your Honda is receiving top-quality service. Paired with state-of-the-art equipment, and you get a comprehensive auto service experience. Visit our shop in Round Rock, Texas and see how your Honda can benefit from our care.

How Our Services Help

At Austin's Automotive Specialist, we take a lot of pride in the quality of our services and the personable touch we have with our auto care experience. We want you to know that you and your vehicle are always covered, whether you need repair or maintenance. Here are a few ways our comprehensive services can help your Honda vehicle!

Routine Maintenance

When you stop by our shop for preventative maintenance, you'll be working with professionals that are committed to your Honda's long-term performance. During the maintenance service, our technicians can inspect, repair, and replace any faulty components or systems. Once that's done, they'll be able to predict when you'll need service next accurately! You'll never have to worry about figuring out the right time for maintenance, just show up to our shop!

Sustainable Auto Solutions

Nothing is more frustrating than believing you've seen the last of an auto issue, only to have it resurface a few moments later. Not only is this frustrating, but it can also be expensive as you may have to pay for additional service. Austin's Automotive Specialist makes sure your Honda vehicle is provided with quality, long-term auto solutions. We use the best equipment and parts in the industry to ensure your vehicle is never compromised by an imperfect service process or faulty parts.

Stop By Our Shop

Is your Honda in need of repair or maintenance service? If so, make sure you have it serviced by professionals who understand Honda vehicles and schedule a service visit with Austin's Automotive Specialist. Our shop in Round Rock, Texas is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the top automotive professionals in the industry to ensure your Honda is receiving quality care. Whether you require an engine repair or an oil change, know that our team can the services you need to see the results you want.

Schedule an appointment by giving us a call or stopping by our shop on 1800 S Int. 35. Our service advisors are always available to help. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. And since we accept walk-in clients, you can visit us whenever it works best for you and ensures your service visit is nothing but convenient!