Muffler and Catalytic Converter Repair in Austin, TX, and the Area

Your vehicle's emissions system has a critical job converting harmful gasses that your engine emits. This process helps protect your vehicle, you and your passengers, and the environment. The catalytic converter is the key component in this process, and the muffler helps to dampen the noise that the exhaust system makes.

If your exhaust system is suddenly very loud or you notice the smell of rotten eggs in your car, there is most likely an issue with the muffler or catalytic converter. As soon as you suspect an issue with either of these components, visit the professionals at Austin’s Automotive Specialists for an inspection. Our ASE certified technicians work on all makes and models of vehicles and will ensure that your emissions system problem is properly identified and repaired.

If your muffler is bad, you'll notice how loud your exhaust suddenly is. Typically, a problem with the muffler stems from a hole, damage, or a rusted area. Driving with a bad muffler is dangerous because it risks carbon monoxide getting into the car’s cabin. We recommend getting this issue fixed at one of our shops at the earliest sign of an issue.

A failing catalytic converter is a common exhaust system issue and can lead to engine performance issues and failed emissions testing. The catalytic converter can fail due to several reasons, including an improper fuel mixture, bad spark plugs, a malfunctioning oxygen sensor, incorrect timing, a bad fuel injector, or a faulty check valve. Driving with a bad catalytic converter is not only bad for the environment, but also isn’t healthy for those within your vehicle.

Any of the following warning signs can indicate a failing catalytic converter:

  • Reduced engine performance
  • Low fuel efficiency
  • Rattling noises
  • Vehicle fails an emissions test
  • Check engine light turns on

As soon as you begin experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, we invite you to any of our Austin's Automotive Specialists locations throughout Austin and neighboring communities for an inspection. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today!