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Understanding The Check Engine Light

Out of all the warning lights found within a vehicle, nothing generates more fear and stress than the check engine light. Although a useful tool for informing you when something is wrong, it fails to tell you what the specific problem is. Is it a loose gas cap? Is the engine about to fail? There are a variety of reasons why this pesky warning light can be triggered. If you notice this warning signal in your vehicle, make sure you schedule a service visit with Austin's Automotive Specialists. Our ASE Certified technicians will be able to quickly identify what triggered the light and perform the necessary repairs so that you can drive around Leander, Texas stress-free. We'll take the guessing game out of the check engine light and provide you with the solutions you need!

How You Should Handle It

When the check engine light is triggered, it's important that you understand what the light is telling you. Even though it doesn't give you much, it does provide you with enough information to properly move forward. First, pay attention to is how it's flashing. If the light is steady, that means there is a minor issue with your vehicle. Make sure to check and tighten the gas cap of your vehicle, as this is a common cause for the check engine light. If that isn't the case, then you should schedule a visit with us at your first convenience. Although your vehicle is technically fine for the time being, the minor issue can become a big problem if not promptly handled.

If the light is flashing, please stop driving your vehicle and take it to our facility as soon as possible. A flashing night indicates that there's a major problem with your vehicle and continuing to drive it can lead to dangerous and expensive results!

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