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Austin's Automotive Specialists of Lakeway, TX provides oil change service for all vehicles; conventional, high mileage, synthetic oil service available. We take pride in providing efficient and affordable vehicle maintenance to Travis County residents. Customer satisfaction and trustworthy repairs is what people need and want. Our small town service combines a personalized method of car care alongside manufacturer recommendations. Over time, this saves our customer's money by helping reduce unexpected breakdowns and repairs. Our team is ASE Certified and experienced with in all makes and models, foreign, and domestic. We promise to deliver only the best oil change and maintenance services available. Our techs will review your service and answer your questions when needed. We will recommend upcoming repairs or service you may need to help customer's budget for future repair or service. Timely maintenance can prolong the life of your automobile. Regular oil change service is vital to ensure dependability and performance. Stop by our Travis County location at 303 Ranch Rd. 620 S or call for auto service today.

Oil Change Service is Important Because:

Failure or forgetting to keep up with service intervals can and will cause damage if done repetitively. In extreme cases rebuilding or replacing your engine is possible. An oil change is a simple and inexpensive service that is important to your vehicle's performance and reliability. Oil allows internal components to work together by reducing friction and heat. Additionally, it suspends dirt, carbon, and particles. Over time and use, oil will lose viscosity and ability to function as intended. If left unchanged, dirt, particles, and carbon will build up and may cause damage. Today, more options are available that allow for extended service intervals. For example, synthetics have become increasingly popular due to increased lifespan, efficiency, and performance that surpasses what conventional oil can achieve. Rust inhibitors, dispersants, and detergents called additives are included to promote efficiency and effectiveness. It does not matter if you drive a truck, car, or high-performance vehicle, it will not work without oil. Get your automobile back on the right track and schedule service today!

Why Choose Us for an Oil Change?

Timely service and maintenance is not only vital but fundamental in order to safeguard your vehicle's performance. Safeguarding dependability, fuel efficiency, and performance is our specialty. Available six days a week, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Schedule an appointment online or call for oil change service. Austin's Automotive Specialists provides trustworthy car care you can rely on.