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Stop By For An Inspection

New cars typically don't need new brakes for about 50,000 miles—but what about older vehicles? If you just purchased a used car, or you simply can't recall the last time your brakes were serviced we invite you to stop by Austin's Automotive Specialists for a free brake inspection. We provide high-quality brake repairs and perfect rotor matching. As a full-service shop we are here to serve all of your automotive needs, but brakes are our specialty!

The terrain you drive, the amount of miles you drive each day, how heavily you brake, and the type of traffic you drive in all affect the frequency in which your brakes need replaced or repaired. Feel free to request an inspection the next time you are in for an oil change or tire service, or stop by if you think it might be time for new brakes. If you experience any of the symptoms below, we urge you to stop by as soon as possible.

  • Any new noise when you press your brake pedal—clicking, grinding, or squealing.
  • Any new feeling when you brake—pulsing, shaking, or vibrating.
  • Any change in braking—pulling to one side, or taking longer to stop than it used to.

We Welcome All Vehicles

We are honored to be the auto shop of choice for multiple generations of Austin-area singles, families, and professional fleets. We are a operated shop, whose commitment to quality and integrity has helped us grow from one shop to 10. We provide everything from your scheduled, and as-needed repairs, to your last minute and emergency automotive services. All of our work is backed by our 12 month, 24K miles warranty. You are welcome to apply for NAPA or CFS financing for repairs that don't quite fit in the budget. Specialty automotive services such as emissions testing, state inspections, and tire sales vary by shop.

Walk-In Or Call To Schedule Your Repair

Walk-ins are always welcome! Wait in our comfortable lobby, where we have free coffee and Wi-Fi. If we will need your car for a partial or full day, we can schedule your repair in advance—and arrange for transportation in our free shuttle, loaner car, or after hours drop-off or pick-up. Call us today or stop by our Lakeway location for all your repair and service needs!