Cooling System Repair in Austin, TX, and the Area

The cooling system within your vehicle is critical to the performance and protection of the engine. This system's job is to transfer heat from the engine to the radiator, which transfers the heat into the air outside of your vehicle. When the cooling system fails, your engine can quickly overheat, which can lead to engine part damage and corrosion. Engine damage can be costly to repair, so taking care of your vehicle’s cooling system should be a priority.

Here at Austin's Automotive Specialists in Austin, TX, we are happy to help when you suspect that your vehicle needs a cooling system repair or service. We are staffed with ASE certified technicians who are experienced in just about every make and model of vehicle. We guarantee that our professionals can properly identify the issue and get you back on the road.

A working cooling system circulates coolant through the engine system to help lubricate components and help to absorb heat, which helps to regulate the engine's temperature. An overheating engine is a key warning sign of a cooling system problem, and it is recommended that you get your vehicle into our shop as soon as you can if your engine is running hot. Our professionals will look at fluid levels, look for leaks in the hoses, inspect the radiator belt, and check parts of your engine for corrosion.

A common cause of a cooling system problem is a coolant leak in a hose somewhere within the system. If the coolant is low due to a leak, we repair the leak and then refresh the system with new coolant. Dirty coolant can also be an issue, and in this case, a coolant flush is recommended which removes the old fluid and replaces it with fresh fluid.

A failing water pump can also cause a cooling system issue. To release the heat that is transferred from the engine, the coolant must be well-circulated throughout. The water pump is the component that drives the coolant and protects the circulation required for heat exchange. It helps the engine to reach the correct temperature for operation and regulates this temperature to avoid overheating. To pinpoint the source of the issue, we perform a system pressure test which allows us to simulate the engine getting hot, ultimately identifying where the problem lies.

If you need cooling system repair in Austin, TX, we invite you to bring your vehicle into one of our 10 convenient locations in the area. We have 5 locations in Austin as well as locations in Buda, Cedar Park, Hutto, Lakeway, and Round Rock. Give our nearest location a call today or feel free to schedule an appointment online for service.