Check Engine Light in Austin, TX

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Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

When the check engine light comes on is NOT the time to panic. Keep calm and just call Austin's Automotive Specialists in Austin, TX. The problem could be anything from a loose gas cap to a complicated transmission repair need. There's no way of knowing without a thorough diagnosis using our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Find out the truth about your vehicle's current condition at Austin's Automotive Specialists. Make your entire service experience quick, convenient and affordable by making us your first and final choice for check engine light repairs. As soon as your dashboard lights up with the “check engine” alert, we should be your next stop. If you can't fit us into your schedule that same day, just give us a call and we'll schedule you for a day and time that's most convenient. Being proactive is the most important part of your check engine light repair service. An owner's response can mean the difference between a quick same-day service and an extensive and expensive repair solution.

Quick & Accurate Engine Diagnosis

Timing is everything when it comes to quality auto repairs and services. The initial light will be a solid red/orange light which is meant to give you time to get to our service facility. Many owners will assume the check engine light is not serious because there doesn't appear to be any other warning signs. This is a mistake! Just because owners do not see smoke, hear sounds, or smell anything strange does not mean there isn't trouble under the hood. Bringing your vehicle to our shop should be a priority to you because your check engine light is a priority to us. We understand how to save you time, money, and stress, but all we need is your vehicle and your trust. Austin's Automotive Specialists' team goes above and beyond with every service appointment to earn and keep your trust. If you drive too long with the check engine light, it will eventually start to blink. This indicates an emergency and your vehicle is very close to breaking down completely.

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Getting the most accurate diagnosis is vital to your check engine light repair. Avoid misdiagnoses and unnecessary repair services by choosing our state-of-the-art facility and our service expertise. Come to the Austin's Automotive Specialists location nearest you before you end up on the side of the road. We'd much rather see you drive to us on your vehicle's four wheels than be towed to our shop for expensive part replacements or repair services. Bring your vehicle to our experts today we have 10 locations to serve you! You can also save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now!