Why Your Car Will Run Better with Auto Tune Ups in Buda, TX

Last century's vehicles required more frequent tuneups. While it's good news for today's automobile owners, your vehicle should still be regularly serviced so you can extend its life. Vehicles are extremely expensive today, so most owners want to regularly maintain their vehicles so they last well beyond the warranty. But it can be possible that you are experiencing some issues that indicate you need an immediate tuneup in Buda, TX right now.

Fuel Mileage Isn't As Good

Have you been filling the gas tank more often even though you're still traveling the same distances every day? It's possible your vehicle has a reduction in fuel mileage. If you're getting fewer miles out of that tank of gas you just bought, then you'll need to figure out why. It could be as simple as a sticking brake pad or the wrong tire pressure, but you need to figure out why.

Noisy or Squeaky Brakes

Do you have to put a harder foot on your brakes to stop? Perhaps they squeak or are noisy when you use them. You may even feel a vibration when applying the brakes. It's possible your brake pads are failing, or that there could be a problem with rotors or brake fluid. These are all items that are fairly simple to fix.

Unexplained Noises on the Road

Your brakes may be good but you may still hear other unexpected noises when driving. Some noises may be magnified when you're on the highways or freeways of Texas. Your steering wheel may be making strange noises, or you may have a worn or loose belt under the hood. It could even be coming from the wheels. Strange noises are never good, and they indicate that it's time you booked your appointment for an auto tuneup in Buda, TX.

It's important to stay on top of any potential problems with your vehicle, because you rely on it for the safety of your family, and to get you to those important meetings and events.

If you've taken a look at the calendar and realized that it's been some time since your last tuneup at Austin's Automotive Specialists in Buda, TX, we'd be happy to book your tuneup appointment for you now.