Why Are My New Brakes Squeaking?

If your new brakes are producing a squeaking sound then you would be quite worried about it! It's not ideal to put yourself in danger so it's better to visit a professional auto mechanic. Let's find out what are the possible causes behind the squeaking sound of the new brakes.

Why The New Brakes of Your Car Are Squeaking?

It's surely bothersome when you just got the new brakes, but again there is an issue. The following causes are possible:

  • When you press down on the brake pedal, the pads and rotors are the two parts that touch. It's possible that there could be moisture on these two parts due to rain or snow and hence contributing to the squeaking noise. But, it would go away when you would start driving your vehicle.

  • You might have got brake pads of cheap quality and that's causing the squeaking noise that you don't like! It's important to visit a reliable service provider. 

  • It's possible that the metal fibers on the pads would be causing an issue. It depends if the brake pads you have has metal fibers on them. It usually wears out and the squeaking noise would stop bothering you.

  • Heavy use of the car and aggressive stopping can also lead to squeaking noise. You might be excited to use the new brakes and hence, you won't notice but you could be stopping the vehicle aggressively. It's important for you to keep in mind if the brakes overheating become a serious issue, you have to contact a professional as soon as possible. When you realize that heavy use is causing the issue then you can give your car a break and then drive it. 

It's important that you are getting the brake system service from a reliable shop. Don't get attracted to the cheap prices that are offering cheap services. If you need a brake system service, give our auto repair shop a call today!