When to Get Your Oil Changed

Maintenance Schedule

So you know that you need to get your vehicle's oil changed regularly, but how do you know exactly when? Here are a few ways to determine when it's time to visit Austin's Automotive Specialists in Leander, Texas for your next oil change service!

Check Your Owner's Manual

When your vehicle was made, the manufacturers understood everything about it. They know what is needed to keep it running at its best and have included that information in your owner's manual. You can find their recommended maintenance schedule inside with intervals for oil changes. This information serves as a general guideline for service, but since individual driving habits vary between individuals, it can't account for situations that may require more frequent oil changes. For example, if you drive more than the average person, your vehicle will need oil changes sooner.

Use Your Vehicle's Monitoring System

Newer vehicles come equipped with computers that track and measure the car's condition. The system can tell you when it's time for an oil change, tire rotation, wheel alignment, and more. It uses information about your individual driving habits, including how far you drive and how often, to decide when an oil change is needed. Most vehicles also measure oil level and will alert you if it is too low.

Read the Sticker

Once you get your vehicle's oil changed at a professional service center, the technicians help you plan for the next one. They leave a sticker on the windshield with a recommended date to return for the next one. It will also show the mileage at which the car will need its next service, in case you reach that number sooner than their predicted timeline. If you follow the information on the service due date sticker, you should be on track for a good maintenance schedule.

Ask a Professional

If you're not sure how long it's been since your last oil change or when to get one, you can always ask a professional to inspect the condition of the fluid and determine if it needs to be changed. Once you visit Austin's Automotive Specialists in Leander, Texas for service, our team tracks your maintenance history to know when the next service is needed.


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