What Throws Off Wheel Alignment

Why You Need Regular Service

Why does your car need a wheel alignment? The culprits that throw off your vehicle's geometry are often unavoidable. That's why so many automotive professionals, including Austin's Automotive Specialists of Round Rock, recommend regular wheel alignment service. That will ensure you are always driving your vehicle in its best form.

Regular Wear & Tear

How does a vehicle fall out of alignment? Sometimes, the answer is as simple as this: it just happens. If you are driving your car, it's undergoing normal wear and tear. Part of the process may affect the wheel positioning. That's why it's important for all drivers to stick to a routine maintenance schedule. Even if you don't think that your alignment is off, it might need a few degrees of adjustment to get back to the factory settings.

Skipping wheel alignment as part of your routine maintenance can lead to multiple problems. Your tires might wear out sooner. The engine might need more frequent repairs or service. You might get worse gas mileage and need more frequent fill-ups. You also might experience steering issues that keep you from properly controlling the car. Any one of these is enough reason to get a professional wheel alignment.

Bad Roads

Think your city has terrible roads? It might be enough of a factor to influence your vehicle's health! Hitting even one pothole can jerk a wheel out of alignment. If you can, avoid driving on uneven road surfaces in a car that's not fully equipped with adequate suspension. If you can't safely swerve around large potholes, at least slow down to lessen the impact on the suspension system. That can mitigate the chances of ruining the alignment.

Poor Parking

Would you say that you are good at parking? If we asked you to parallel park, would you clip the curb? Do you often pull into parking spaces too far and hit the end block? Even something as simple as this can affect the wheel alignment. If your wheel hits something wrong, it can be enough to mess up the optimal geometry of the suspension.

The causes of bad wheel alignment are all around us. Fortunately, Austin's Automotive Specialists in Round Rock, Texas, can provide fast service to get your car back on track!