What is Auto Maintenance & What Needs to Be Done

A vehicle can be a complex machine that can cause trouble if you neglect it. Regular maintenance is perhaps the single most important task you can do as a car owner. Not only will your car stay safe on the road, but you can save money on potential repairs in the future. Preventative maintenance can be a complex issue, so let's narrow it down to some of the essential basics.

Check Your Owner's Manual

When you purchased your vehicle it came with an owner's manual. If you've lost it, you can purchase a new one online. It's important to read this manual from cover to cover. Inside, it'll offer advice as to how often to do an oil change, when to change the filters, drive and timing belts, etc. Your owner's manual will even tell you what the right type of gas to put in your vehicle is, so it can remain in optimum running order.

Do Your Own Inspection First

You should be regularly examining your vehicle inside and out on a regular basis, because you can visually spot anything that's wrong or looks out of the ordinary. This includes checking the pressure of your tires, the level of your oil, and seeing that all your lights are working.

Checklist for Your Vehicle

You should be checking the fluids on a regular basis. The timing and serpentine belts also need to be checked. The battery's contacts may need to be cleaned. If your windshield wipers aren't performing well, they might need to be replaced. The engine air filter needs to be replaced on a regular basis. Your tires and wheels will need to be rotated and balanced. Old spark plugs may need to be checked then replaced.

Do you find that vehicle maintenance just might be a bit too hard for you to handle, or that you don't have time to do it all? If so, then please call for an auto maintenance appointment with Austin's Automotive Specialists in North Austin, TX. We'd be happy to perform routine maintenance and do a/c, oil changes, wheel alignments, or brake repairs as required.


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