What is an Oil Change?

Essential Services: Explained

Are you curious about what is done during routine oil change service? Here's what happens when you bring your vehicle to Austin's Automotive Specialists in Lakeway, Texas for its service.

Remove Old Oil

Once your vehicle is carefully parked in our bay, our technicians raise the vehicle to easily access components underneath. They drain the old motor oil into a pan for safe disposal, being careful of parts and the oil itself that may be hot. It may take a few minutes for all of the oil to drain out. The drain plug and gasket are inspected and cleaned before being replaced.

Change the Oil Filter

Oil filters accumulate contamination and must be replaced with the proper fitting filter during oil change services. When loosening the oil filter, our technicians are careful to catch any trapped oil in the drain pan. The filter gasket is primed with a light coating of the new motor oil for smooth installation. Then, the new oil filter is tightened into place.

Add New Oil

Technicians select an engine oil with the right viscosity for the specific vehicle and add it using a funnel. After tightening the oil fill cap back in place, they let the engine run for a minute. This allows them to ensure there's no leaks from loose components. When the engine has shut off and cooled, they check the oil level and tighten all of the parts.


Oil changes aren't complete without properly disposing of the used engine oil. Our technicians follow procedures to avoid spills and safely recycle or dispose of old fluid. We care about the cleanliness of our shop, community, and environment!

Although they are a fast and simple service, oil changes should be completed by a professional with the right tools for the job. Spills and burns are just some of the risks involved with an oil change. Amateurs should also be careful not to add the wrong oil! Austin's Automotive Specialists in Lakeway, Texas is happy to perform routine fluid changes for our customers. Keep your car healthy and happy with this essential service!


Oil Change