What Can Cause Your Car to Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Cars aren't really supposed to give off potent smells. Maybe at most, they can produce smokey fumes, as well as the faint odor of gas. But what about if your vehicle starts to smell like rotten eggs while running? This sulfur smell is never meant to be considered normal. So if this is happening to you, it is a sign that you probably should have your vehicle inspected. If you're reading this article, you're most likely dealing with this issue at the moment and wondering what exactly is causing this annoying smell, so let's begin.

Source of the smell

Most often suspected of causing this kind of smell is the vehicle's catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is one of the components that make up your car's emissions system. In a nutshell, this converter does precisely that; it converts harmful emissions like exhaust gases into more harmless emissions. This harmless gas, known as sulfur dioxide, is completely odorless. When a catalytic converter fails to do its job, it remains in its original state, hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is NOT odorless and it just so happens to smell like rotten eggs.

Is my car safe?

This smell is a danger as much as it is bothersome to your nose. A broken catalytic converter can cause an increase in your exhaust system's temperatures. If left unaddressed long enough, the temperature can reach a high enough point to start a fire within your vehicle's inner workings. It is worth noting that this isn't the only possible cause behind the stench. Other potential sources may be old transmission fluid, or your vehicle's fuel filter could be ready for a change. When it comes to old transmission fluid, this is seen mostly in manual vehicles and not automatics. If this is the cause, it is because the old fluid is actually leaking into other components, resulting in the infamous sulfur smell.

Let us give you a hand

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