Well-Functioning Brakes Are Essential for Road Safety

We take our vehicle's brakes for granted until they fail. Hopefully if that happens everyone has stayed safe. But it can be a major annoyance to have your vehicle break down when you're on your way to a big meeting or a special family event.

It's important to pay attention to your car and be aware of the most common signs that your brakes can be failing. Ideally, they should be checked every six months.

Poor Braking Performance

If you're finding that it's hard to stop your vehicle, then your brakes could be failing. You may feel your vehicle trying to pull off to the left or right sides of the road when slowing down, despite a straight stretch and no wind. You may even experience the loss of the brake pedal which can cause great alarm, particularly when brakes are required for safety on the road. You may even feel the brake pedal vibrating. There may be excessive drag felt during acceleration.

Unusual Sounds When Braking

Often squealing or grinding sounds may be heard during braking if they're starting to wear out. You may also hear clicking noises when you put your foot on the brake. If you're hearing sounds you haven't heard before, it's important to have them investigated by a brakes expert.

Why Do Brakes Fail?

Brakes can fail due to worn out brake pads or shoes. They can become hardened from heat over time and no longer be effective at grabbing or stopping the rotation of the brake's drum or rotor. There may also be oil or grease that can soak the brakes. There may be a loss of power assist from the power brake booster. Another reason for failed brakes may include the loss of the engine vacuum or a worn out vacuum brake booster diaphragm.

If you feel your vehicle is ready for some brake repairs then it's important to trust your instincts. The brakes are perhaps the most necessary safety component of your vehicle as you trust the safety of your family to well-functioning brakes.

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