Understanding How to Do an Oil Change Even if You Hire Austin’s Automotive Specialists

An oil change may look simple in videos or instructions, but there's actually a bit more to it than you think. Many business people don't like the potential for getting oil spills on their clothing or on their vehicles. Many HOAs and apartment buildings also don't allow owners to change their vehicle's oil due to the potential for spillage. Even if you choose to visit Austin's Automotive Specialists in Round Rock to do your oil change, it's still beneficial to know how one is done.

Buy Your Supplies & Warm Up Your Engine

You'll need oil that's suitable for the make and model of your vehicle, as well as an oil filter. It's also much simpler to do your oil change when your vehicle's engine has been warmed up for two or three minutes. This enables the oil to flow out of the engine much easier. Turn off your engine after this point so that the oil isn't too hot.

Find the Drain Plug

Refer to your car's manual and find the drain plug. This looks like a large nut or plug that needs to be unscrewed. But before you unscrew it, place a container under it to collect the oil. You then need to unscrew the plug and pull your hands away quickly. The oil will flow out at a rapidily.

Find the Oil Filter

You'll first need to unscrew the filter counterclockwise. Then remove the filter. Pour the oil from the filter into a drain pan. Wrap it in paper, and set aside for disposal at your local recycling center. Add a new filter to the engine. Wipe up the excess oil. Go back to your drain plug and replace it after all the old oil has drained out. Set that container aside for recycling too.

Pour in the New Oil

Use a funnel to pour in the new oil, and replace the filler cap. You'll want to run your engine for a minute or so, then go back to your engine and ensure there are no leaks. There may be a few more steps in the process resetting service indicator lights, so be certain to read the instructions in your vehicle's manual.

While performing an oil change isn't complicated, it can be messy and time consuming without the right tools or know-how. If you want someone else to do your oil change in Round Rock, please book an appointment today at Austin's Automotive Specialists.


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