Tips to Help Car & Truck Owners Understand When A/C Needs Repairs in Austin, TX

You may take your car or truck's air conditioning for granted until it breaks down during the hottest part of summer. Even though Austin has some nice weather year-round, the scorching months are ahead when you're going to rely heavily on your vehicle's air conditioning system. Does your vehicle have any of these signs? They could be an indication that it's time for a/c repair.

Leaks or Puddles Inside/Outside the Car

Are you finding small puddles of water on the floor mat of your car? This is unusual as it doesn't often rain in Austin. It could be your a/c is starting to break down. The a/c system should be draining outside of your vehicle when it's functioning properly. This moisture comes from the air as it's pulled through the unit, then expelled outside. The most common reason you'll see water puddled inside your car is from having a clogged drain hose.

There may also be refrigerant leaks that can cause your a/c to stop working. If your unit has run out of refrigerant, then no air is going to come out of your vents.

Terrible Smells

If you turn on your a/c and notice that there are some bad smells coming into your vehicle, this is a sign that you need your a/c system serviced. These bad smells can be due to mold or bacteria growing inside the a/c unit. It's important to have your a/c serviced because these spores can cause breathing issues and allergies in people.

Strange Noises When A/C is Running

If you hear strange noises in your vehicle only when the a/c is running, it can be an indication that something is wrong. It could be the fan failing, a bad fan belt, or a worn out condenser. You may hear rattling or banging sounds.

It can be tricky for the average person to do a/c repairs on their own vehicle. Please call Austin's Automotive in Austin, TX to book an appointment. We've been trained in all air conditioning systems. The sooner your bring your car or truck to us for a/c repairs, the sooner it'll be ready for the hot summer ahead.


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