The Importance of Oil Changes in Austin So That Your Car or Truck Performs Well

It can be tempting to skip one or two oil changes. You may be thinking that you'll save some cash, right? Generally, it's recommended that you change your oil around 5,000 miles. It seems like a good idea to wait it out for another 5,000 or 10,000 miles, but you could actually be causing damage to your vehicle at this point. Here are a few pointers on the importance of oil changes for your vehicle:

Oil is Essential to a Well-Running Vehicle

Oil not only lubricates your engine but it also cleans and cools it. It even prevents corrosion. It's no surprise that your engine would be the most expensive component to replace in your vehicle, so it needs to be well-maintained. An oil change is a cheap expense when you think about it. It can literally increase the life span of your vehicle. But it must be there to perform its function, and it must be relatively free of contaminants.

Why the Oil Needs Changing

As the oil does its job inside your vehicle's engine, it will pick up dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the engine. This process helps the engine to stay free of these particles. But over time, debris can accumulate inside your engine. At some point, it's too dirty to be effective anymore. This is why you need to change your oil on a regular basis.

What Happens if You Skip an Oil Change

Let's say you don't change your oil, or you skip it for a few times. Soon your vehicle's engine will start failing. One of the most common engine issues due to lack of fresh oil is that it'll become too hot. This makes the engine run less efficiently. The engine components can wear out over time and fail.

Is it time for an oil change, or you've waited too long and now your engine runs poorly? Please book an appointment at Austin's Automotive Specialists in Austin, TX. Even if you've delayed your oil change, let's get it done now in order to prevent further damage to your vehicle.


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