Safety Tips for Driving at Night

It's simply a known fact that driving at night is more dangerous than driving during the day. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatal accidents are proven 3x more likely at night. The main reason for this is that it's harder for people to see at night. And certain kinds of light, like bright LED's from other vehicles, can cause glares. There are other factors that add to the difficulty of driving at night. But to combat the problem, we've compiled four tips that could optimize your visibility and reduce the risks of driving in the evening.

  1. Clean Your Windshield - Dirty or cracked windshields can scatter light, hide obstacles on the road, and potentially increase the impacts of glare. To ensure your safety isn't compromised, try to wipe off the inside and outside of your windshields regularly. In addition, make sure you have working windshield wipers and enough wiper fluid.
  2. Use High Beams (When Possible) - Some people are too scared to use their high beams or forget about them overall. However, they can be beneficial in rural areas or on clear roads. The key to using them is to turn them off whenever there are cars within your proximity.
  3. Proper Eye Care - If you aren't already, you should be getting your eyes checked annually. Your eyes may worsen with age, which is why you need to have them looked at by a doctor. Prescription glasses or contacts can support your vision and ease the stress of driving at night.
  4. Test Your Lights - We highly recommend that you test all your lights, including low beams, high beams, daytime lights, turn signals, and brake lights, on a regular basis. If your vehicle doesn't have an automatic headlight feature, you should be mindful of turning them on when the sun goes down. Not only do you need them when it's dark, but you should switch them on in bad weather conditions like rain, snow, and hail (no matter the time of day).

We hope some of these tips help you out and make you feel safer when driving at night. For automotive maintenance and repairs, like headlight repairs, windshield wiper replacements, or auto glass repairs, please visit Austin's Automotive Specialists today!