How Oil Filters Work

Supporting Clean Engine Performance

If you own a car, you hear about oil changes all the time because your vehicle regularly needs them. One part of fluid service that some drivers don't know about is the oil filter, which should also be changed during your visit. Austin's Automotive Specialists in Leander, Texas, summarizes everything you need to know about the oil filter if you care about having a clean and healthy engine.

What it Does

The oil filter removes contaminants from the motor oil. “But how does the oil get contaminated if it's brand new?” Good question. Not all motor oils are the same. Some are less pure and may contain particles even right out of the bottle. Dirt, dust, and debris from daily driving also find their way into your vehicle and the motor oil. Since that's unavoidable, oil filters are used to trap them and prevent anything from building up in the engine.

Without the oil filter, dirt and contaminants would build up in the engine and damage parts. That decreases engine performance, damages parts, and increases the chances of overheating. Any of these problems can shorten the lifespan of the engine and force you to get expensive repairs. That's why auto professionals strongly recommend regular oil changes! That removes the dirty oil and filter!

How it Works

Oil filters look like a metal can and have a seal that holds tightly to the engine block. The inside of the filter is perforated with holes and contains filter material, usually a synthetic fiber. As the oil pump moves the fluid, it passes through the filter, entering through the perimeter holes. The filter material traps contaminants before the oil goes back into the engine.

Why it Needs Replacement

As you can imagine, the filter can only do its job for so long before it's too filled with dirt itself to continue cleaning the motor oil as it cycles through. The oil in your car may have passed through the filter 12,000 times before you replace it! To ensure your engine continues running its best, the oil and filter are replaced during an oil change service.

Get your car's oil filter replaced during an oil change service at Austin's Automotive Specialists in Leander, Texas, today!