Does Your Vehicle Have Any of These Pre-Tuneup Warnings in Hutto, TX?

While it's important to have regular oil changes done on your vehicle, there are times when your vehicle may not perform as expected, or it may give off strange sounds or vibrations that indicate there's a problem. If you experience any of the following issues then it's time to call Austin's Automotive Specialists in Hutto, TX to book an appointment.

Rough Shifting

Your car's transmission is there to do the shifting work. It should provide smooth and reliable movements. But there may come a point when your vehicle hesitates when you're shifting to reverse or forward. Perhaps your gear changes feel rough or abrupt. Your vehicle may even be upshifting or downshifting at the wrong moments, or be sluggish when you're moving it into a higher gear. If you have these signs, it may be time for a tuneup in Hutto, TX.

Sluggish Acceleration

Sluggish acceleration can become dangerous if you're trying to get onto one of the chaotic highways or freeways in Texas. Extra power may also be needed when you're towing a trailer or trying to get uphill. If the power you expect just isn't there, it may be time for a tuneup.

Strange Vibrations

If your vehicle is experiencing vibrations even when you're not on a rocky road then it could be a red flag that something is wrong. You may feel vibrations in the steering wheel when you travel at certain speeds. You may feel strange vibrations throughout your entire vehicle at any speed. These can indicate that you have a variety of issues with your vehicle. These can include worn out or unbalanced tires, indicating a need for wheel alignment. A tire may also be going flat or there could be a failing universal joint, or one of many other problems.

Are you having some of the above issues with your vehicle or perhaps others not listed here? Perhaps the check engine light has come on or you need wheel alignment services? Please book your tuneup appointment with Austin's Automotive Specialists in Hutto, TX. Our service technicians and mechanics will figure out what's wrong, and get your vehicle back to optimal running condition.