Do You Need to Change the Power Steering Fluid?

Fluid maintenance is a key part of general car maintenance. Fluid flushes are the process of  removing old fluids from a system and replenishing them with new fluids. While you are probably aware of transmission or coolant flushes, most people tend to be confused about how the power steering system. Does the power steering fluid require a fluid change?


If your car has a hydraulic power steering system, then the answer is yes. Driving with contaminated or low power steering fluid can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Plus, it can damage other parts like the power steering pump.


You should always follow your automaker’s instructions on power steering fluid maintenance. They may have the recommended intervals listed in the owner’s manual. Plus, it may have specific fluid requirements.


Another way you can tell to change the power steering fluid is by the noise your steering makes. Steering should be done easily and quietly. When you notice noisy steering or wheel stiffness, it means that there’s too much friction in the power steering system. You need a power steering flush.


In some cases, you may be able to check your power steering fluid levels on your own. If you need help with this step, feel free to stop by Austin’s Automotive Specialists today.

What Are the Benefits of Changing Power Steering Fluid?

  • Removes contaminants in the fluid
  • Smoother steering
  • Keeps seals soft
  • Preserves power steering components
  • Eliminates noisy steering

It is your responsibility to always be on the lookout for any signs of a flawed power steering system. If you need your power steering components inspected or a power steering fluid service, please give us a call or visit one of our 10 convenient locations. We invite you to bring your vehicle to Austin's Automotive Specialists.