Common Volkswagen Problems

Will Your Car Need These Repairs?

As Volkswagen repair experts, the technicians at Austin's Automotive Specialists in Austin, Texas, are familiar with the unique needs and weaknesses of those vehicles. While Volkswagens are designed to meet the same standards as every other competitive brand in the world, they are still susceptible to a unique set of issues. Like with other manufacturers, there are some areas of auto manufacturing that fall short over the lifespan of the vehicle. This shouldn't make you wary of purchasing a Volkswagen — they are great cars! This information can just help you prepare for the repairs it will need throughout its lifetime.


Fluid leaks can occur in any vehicle, but they are notably problematic in some Volkswagen models. Whether or not your VW develops an oil leak will depend on how often you service it. Following a routine oil change schedule and sticking to the brand's maintenance recommendations may help you avoid oil leaks altogether. Oil leaks can also be caused by frequent driving at low RPMs in stop-and-go traffic, in extreme climates, or under excessive engine strain.

Oil leaks aren't the only leak your VW might experience. These cars are also susceptible to coolant leaks, which can form at any point in the system — at the water pump, bearings, seals, or hoses. If these parts are weak or worn, they may fail and cause a dangerous leak. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure you regularly visit a technician who understands your Volkswagen. They'll identify worn parts before they fail.

Bad Suspension & Steering

Volkswagens have a unique suspension and steering situation. The ball joints that absorb the shock when your car goes over a bump also rotate with the steering wheel movement. Unfortunately, these parts have been known to break, which can create both suspension and steering issues. If you have difficulty controlling your VW or hear clunking or clicking when turning, make sure you visit a professional.

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Don't let this list of common repairs scare you away from owning a Volkswagen. All cars are susceptible to wear and tear over time, and these are just the issues we commonly see from the German vehicles. Use this information to help you prepare for your vehicle's long-term service requirements. Plan to have a professional inspect weak parts regularly and be prepared to swap them out to prevent more serious issues from occurring. Our team is here to help with quality Volkswagen repairs in Austin, Texas!