Common Signs That Your A/C is Going to Fail During a Hot Austin, TX Summer

Even if you think your malfunctioning a/c unit is still going to be good enough over the next few months, it could actually fail you during one of the hottest days in Austin, TX. If that happens, you could be in for a long hot wait while you try to find an available a/c technician in your spare time. If your a/c suffering any of these problems they could be an indicator of a much bigger problem that needs a/c repairs at Austin's Automotive Specialists:

Faulty Condenser (Mini Radiator)

When a condenser starts to wear out it can cause leaks or provide poor air conditioning. It may have corroded or clogged fins or tubes, or they could be damaged from usage. Your condenser may not completely fail, so you could still be getting some cold air, just not the amount like when your a/c was brand new.

Failing Receiver (Dryer)

If you're not getting a lot of cool air blowing inside your vehicle, the receiver may also be wearing out. There could also be moisture inside your vehicle. Look around the window glass. If your defroster isn't clearing it up, it could indicate a receiver problem, rather than normal moisture.

Accumulator Failure

The accumulator can fail when it gets exposed to too much moisture or debris over time. This is similar to the receiver or dryer but is on vehicles that have an orifice tube. You should also know that if the a/c is opened for repairs that the accumulator will automatically need to be replaced.

There are many different components to your vehicle's a/c system and each of them can wear out or fail over time. Often it's not just one component that is wearing out, it could be two or more.

Whether your a/c is blowing only a small amount of cold air, warm air, or worse—nothing at all—please give Austin's Automotive Specialists in Austin, TX a call now to get your a/c repairs done. We'd be happy to book an appointment to get your a/c checked for the above issues and much more.


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