Automotive A/C Repair in Lakeway, TX May Be the Answer

If your vehicle's air conditioning is starting to fail, you may be tempted to have the entire thing removed, replaced, or just learn to live without a/c. However, there are certain considerations to think about before you do it. If it isn't that old, it may just need a simple fix. Replacing a/c system components for your car or truck can be expensive and so can labor costs. Thankfully the experts at Austin's Automotive Specialists in Lakeway, TX can help diagnose and repairs your vehicle's a/c.

How Old is Your A/C?

If your vehicle's a/c is only a few years old then simple a/c diagnostics and repairs may fix the problem. But if your a/c dates back to the 90s, it maye require more extensive repairs and it may also contain a harmful CFC freon that is bad for the environment and has since been banned by the government. Perhaps it would be best to call Austin's Automotive Specialists to provide quotes for conversion to a safer R-134A refrigerant.

Does it Need a Recharge?

Your vehicle's a/c system shouldn't lose refrigerant, but as systems age, it's not uncommon. Our professional technicians will determine why the system is low and recommend repair to fix it. If it's a matter of just refilling the system to spec, they can do that too.

How Many Components Need to Be Replaced?

If you just need to replace the compressor, the condenser, or just a hose or refrigerant, then a/c repairs may be a better option. But if every single major component in the unit is worn out, it may be time to toss the whole thing out and get your a/c repair technician to install a new a/c instead. Certainly a thorough diagnosis should be done before making such an investment.

If you need assistance with a/c repairs in Lakeway, TX, give Austin's Automotive Specialists a call. We can assist you in making the decision of how to repair and maintain complex vehicle air conditioning systems.


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