Audi Maintenance Tips

From Oil Changes to Engine Repair

Whether you live in Austin or are just passing through, it's important to make sure your Audi is in good working order, so you don't end up stranded on a busy roadway. Fortunately, Austin's Automotive Specialists is here to perform Audi repair whenever you need it. To make sure you need repairs as infrequently as possible, here are some Audi maintenance tips you may want to follow.

Transmission Maintenance

Is your car having trouble shifting, or does it tend to make strange noises when you shift? These are common indications of a transmission problem. You may be able to resolve the issue by performing the following maintenance tips:

  • Replace your transmission fluid
  • Replace your transmission filter
  • Replace your outer CV joints if you're having issues with your driveline

You can figure out your transmission code by looking up your vehicle's VIN number. If these fixes don't resolve the issue, schedule Audi repair in Austin as soon as you can.

Engine Maintenance

To maintain your engine, do the following:

  • Locate your engine's code number using the VIN number or looking at the engine block
  • Service your timing belt frequently
  • Rule out any water pump leaks by inspecting the engine for a coolant trail

While you're servicing the timing belt, it's a good time to check other components such as the seals and o-rings, snub mounts and Loctite thread compounds.

Suspension and Steering Maintenance

To keep your suspension and steering systems well-maintained, do these things regularly:

  • Check your ball joints for damage and wear
  • Listen for low- or high-pitched humming sounds to determine if your need wheel bearing replacement
  • Flush your power steering fluid frequently (every 30,000 miles)

Some may tell you that power steering fluid doesn't need to be changed that often, but doing so can minimize hydraulic issues and help you avoid damaging other components of your vehicle.

Schedule Audi Repair

While it's nice to be able to perform Audi maintenance on your own, sometimes it's best to let professionals take care of your vehicle. Whether you need maintenance or Audi repair, you can schedule your service with Austin's Automotive Specialists in North Austin, Texas, today by calling our office or filling out our online contact form at your convenience.


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