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Monthly Archives: November 2020

Short Guide to Vehicle Fluid Flushes

Short Guide to Vehicle Fluid Flushes

  Vehicle fluids are just as essential as your tires and engine. Over time, your car's fluids can become contaminated with dirt and outside pollutants, detrimentally impacting your vehicle's performance. This is one reason why it's vital to visit your trusted automotive shop for regular inspections, fluid top-offs, and fluid flushes. Fluid maintenance is usually quick and affordable. It's an easy way to boost the health of your vehicle quickly. Most drivers are aware that engine oil is essential and make a point to get oil changes regularly. However, they forget about the other fluids that work together to power the vehicle efficiently. Below is a short guide with information on essential fluid flush services.    Coolant Flush Coolant prevents the engine from reaching extreme temperatures by absorbing the heat, recirculating it back to the radiator. It also protects the engine from freezing during cold winter temperature ... read more


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