All About Oil Viscosity

What You Need to Know and Why

Are you using the proper oil in your vehicle? Motor oil comes in a range of types and weights, and every brand seems to have slightly different additives featured. If you're feeling lost comparing motor oils for your next oil change, find out all you need to know about oil viscosity and convenient oil changes.

What Is Viscosity?

Viscosity refers to the thickness of your motor oil. More importantly, it describes the thickness of oil at various temperatures. As your engine is running, your motor oil heats up and thins out. Cooler temperatures, particularly freezing temperatures, dramatically thicken the engine oil. That this means is that your oil weight and climate both play a part in the efficiency of your engine.

Why Does It Matter?

To properly lubricate your engine, your oil needs to remain within set parameters of viscosity. Too thin, and it won't properly coat moving components. Too thick, and it won't flow properly to avoid friction. This balance can be difficult and can depend on your climate.

What Oil Do I Need?

Choose the right oil weight for your ideal viscosity in your climate. The viscosity depends on the weight, which is described with two numbers and the letter W. Many vehicles use 5W-20 or 10W-30, for example. The first number describes the viscosity in winter temperatures, while the second is the thickness when your engine is running.

Check your owner's manual for the ideal motor oil for your vehicle. If your manual recommends more than one option, ask a local auto shop for the best oil weight for your climate. After you select the proper weight, choose either synthetic, synthetic blend, conventional, or high mileage motor oil. Additives are optional and can reduce the amount of sludge and improve the efficiency of your oil.

Where To Turn for Repairs in Hutto, Texas

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