6 Things You Didn’t Know About Ford

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Ford has a rich history, filled with interesting facts and events. If you're curious to learn more about one of the oldest car manufacturers, keep reading! If you're looking for a team that can repair your Ford, look no further than those behind this fun message — Austin's Automotive Specialists in Hutto, Texas.


Ford is one of the largest family-owned companies in the United States and the world. For more than 100 years, the family has maintained control of the company. The current executive chairman, William Clay Ford, Jr. is Henry Ford's great grandson.


The first Ford, the Model A, was sold for $850 to Dr. Pfennig in 1903. It had a 2-cylinder engine and a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour. That same vehicle is back in the Ford family and currently owned by William Clay Ford, Jr.! The later release of the Model T had more success with consumers. In 1916, over half of all the cars on the road were Model Ts. The affordable price made it possible for more people than ever to have a car.


Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were close friends. Before making cars, Ford was Chief Engineer of the Edison Illuminating Company. Edison encouraged him to work on his plans for a gasoline automobile. At the end of Edison's life, Edison's son captured his father's last breath in a tube and sealed it for Ford. He kept it as a memorial to his friend.


Henry Ford contributed to the growth of the middle class and fair wage movement in America. His “$5-a-day” plan introduced in 1914 to reduce employee turnover offered a good salary, short working day, and company profit sharing. Henry Ford was quoted as saying that he wanted to help his workers have a life worth living.


After Ford debuted the Mustang in 1964, 94,000 toy pedal-powered versions were purchased during the Christmas season.


In 1965, visitors to the Empire State Building received a big surprise when they reached the top observation deck. A Ford Mustang had been transported in 4 separate pieces using resident elevators, and was reassembled at the top. A helicopter photographed the car on the top of the building.

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