5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Used Vehicle

Buying a safe, reliable car doesn’t always mean purchasing new. Today’s used cars are just as efficient as more modern cars, sometimes even with a cheaper price tag. In the past, buying used felt like a game centered on chance. Carfax reports and pre-purchase inspections have made purchasing a used car a common choice for most households. Below are five reasons you should consider purchasing a used vehicle. 

1. Depreciation
A new vehicle starts to depreciate the moment the front tires drive off the lot. By the time the car turns one year old, it will lose about 20% of its value. Since a new vehicle depreciates quickly, it’s best to save money by purchasing an affordable car with few miles. You don’t lose as much value in depreciation in a used car as you do a newer.

2. More Value
If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, your new car budget may get you more value purchasing a used vehicle. A new car budget may afford you the base model of a new car, while that same budget may afford you a luxury vehicle.

3. Less Anxiety
That shiny new vehicle gives you butterflies. The moment it gets its first ding, those butterflies feel like bats. There’s nothing more gut-wrenching than noticing a fresh set of scratches and dents on its once flawless exterior. No one wants their used vehicle to take on body damage, but there’s less anxiety involved if it does. Used cars may already have a few dents; one extra won’t sink your stomach. 

4. Affordable insurance premiums
With automotive insurance, the value of the vehicle is a considerable determinant when calculating the premium. The more expensive or valuable a car is, the costlier it is for the insurance agency. Used cars are cheaper to insure. 

5. Reliability
Most drivers believe that to ensure reliability, you must purchase a brand-new car. That is not entirely true. Certified used vehicles are just as reliable as a new vehicle. Used cars with previous owners who took care of their cars and had consistent vehicle maintenance are just as reliable as a new vehicle.

If you’re considering purchasing a used car from an independent seller in Austin, Texas, ease your concerns with a pre-purchase inspection. Austin’s Automotive Specialist has ASE certified experts who can go through the vehicle like a fine-tooth comb. Our bumper to bumper inspection ensures that you don’t get stuck with the previous driver’s mechanical problems. If you’re interested in scheduling a pre-purchase inspection, click here to schedule an appointment