4 Reasons to Get an Oil Change

Why You Need This Service

If there's one thing you need to do for your vehicle, it's changing the motor oil. Cars aren't designed to run without clean motor oil and if it's left to circulate through the engine beyond its ideal timeline, serious damage can occur. Luckily for drivers in Round Rock, Texas, Austin's Automotive Specialists can perform oil changes to keep all kinds of vehicles healthy. We're sharing four key reasons why you need to get your vehicle's motor oil changed!


Motor oil contains helpful additives that lubricate engine components and prevent damage from friction and overheating. It helps parts move smoothly and efficiently, but these additives don't last forever. Once they wear out, the motor oil doesn't serve its purpose to lubricate parts and the vehicle is susceptible to damage from the heat of excess friction.


Have you ever noticed that dirt and debris always find a way into your vehicle? The debris ends up in the engine and can cause build-ups that reduce performance and efficiency. Clean motor oil collects contaminates to protect engine components but it can't keep cleaning the parts once it is too dirty. An oil change removes the contamination and degraded motor oil and replaces it with clean fluid that can continue getting the job done.


If changing the motor oil keeps parts clean and lubricated, then it's true that they can prevent major auto repairs! Leaving parts to deal with the damages inflicted by running on old motor oil will only create bigger problems. Eventually, something will break and need repair. Replacing the fluid regularly prevents damage to components so you don't have to worry about auto repairs.


Your vehicle is an important investment so you want to get the most out of it. The best way to do that is to follow factory recommendations for maintenance services — which includes regular oil changes. Clean motor oil protects your vehicle from damage that could be costly to repair or even irreversible. In that way, they serve to protect the value of your vehicle!

Are you convinced that you need an oil change? Visit Austin's Automotive Specialists in Round Rock, Texas for your next service!


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