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Your vehicle's handling and performance depend heavily on the condition of the wheels. The quality of the tires and the alignment of the wheels are vital to enhancing your driving experiences. Pay attention to your vehicle's wheel alignment so we can keep you ahead of any hazardous road conditions. Austin's Automotive Specialists in Austin (8405 Research Blvd.) is here to keep your vehicle driving straight. The first sign that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment service is the slight drifting or veering to the right or left. When you loosen your grip and control on the steering wheel, your vehicle should continue in a straight line. Pulling to one side means that you need to schedule an appointment with our experts at Austin's Automotive Specialists. We use the industry's latest technologies and equipment to perform precise wheel alignment services. Act fast and get to the best wheel alignment service provider in the entire Austin area. We have ten locations total, and five in the Austin area alone. Our ASE Certified technicians stay committed to excellence with every service we provide.

Straighter Driving is Safer Driving!

It's a good idea to check the condition of your vehicles' tires before taking it out for a spin. If you notice that your tire tread is not wearing evenly across the tire, then you need a wheel alignment service. Act fast and we may be able to save your tires. Often vehicle owners will wait too long to get to our facility, and the tires will be worn down too low to salvage. All four tires will be worn unevenly in the same manner and will need to be replaced. This can be expensive so we advise all Austin motorists to come to our shop for routine maintenance inspections, which include tire pressure and wheel alignment checks. Keep your vehicle and your fellow passengers safe on the road by letting our team perform precise alignment services.

Schedule Your Wheel Alignment Service

As soon as you notice an alignment issue, you should bring your vehicle to Austin Automotive Specialist. We use the industry's most advanced alignment equipment to provide perfect wheel alignment services. Enhance your vehicle's performance and your tires today. Make sure your vehicle never drifts into the lane next to you and improve handling around corners. Your ability to control your vehicle's performance will depend on the wheel alignment. Give us a call today to schedule the perfect wheel alignment service. You can save time by scheduling your wheel alignment service right now using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you're in the area 8405 Research Blvd. feel free to stop by. We gladly accept all of our walk-ins!