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Precision Alignment Equipment

Your vehicle will need consistent maintenance services to keep its systems in optimal condition. The wheels and tires are no different than the brake pads. They each will wear down from road travel until they compromise the vehicle's performance. The moment you drive your vehicle off the dealer's lot, the wheels' alignment is being affected. Austin's Automotive Specialists (1607 West Parmer Ln.) in Austin, TX has a team of experienced technicians that are using the industry's most advanced technologies and equipment. The most obvious sign that you need a wheel alignment will be drifting or pulling to the right or left when you're trying to drive straight. Just loosen your grip on the steering wheel, and if the vehicle veers off on its own then Austin's Automotive Specialists should be your next stop! Our ASE Certified techs have years of experience performing alignment services on all makes and models of vehicles.

Preserve Your Tires Align Your Wheels

Austin's vehicles that stop by our facility are kept safe on the road and perfectly aligned. Our technicians are able to perform timely maintenance inspections that let you know the condition of your wheels and tires. Another obvious sign that you need a wheel alignment is the treadwear on your tires. If you notice that the tires are wearing unevenly, then you need to come to us as soon as possible. The quicker your response time, the better chance you have of saving your tires. Replacing tires that have worn too early is an unfortunate side effect of misaligned wheels. Austin's Automotive Specialists use state-of-the-art alignment equipment to return your vehicle to its original condition. After an impact or collision with a pothole or curb, your wheels could be misaligned. Even if the change is not noticeable, chances are that the wheels will soon be misaligned. Be proactive and let our service experts prevent misalignment and preserve your tires.

Schedule Your Wheel Alignment Service

Our team is waiting for your call or visit. We're able to correct any misalignment caused by a road collision or from normal wear-and-tear. Austin's Automotive Specialists use the industry latest technologies and service techniques to make sure your vehicle's wheels stay perfectly aligned. The sooner you let our team provide wheel alignment services, the safer you will be on the road, and bigger return you'll get on your tires. Give us a call today to schedule your wheel alignment service. You can also save time by scheduling your appointment right now using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you're in the area 1607 West Parmer Ln. feel free to stop by. We gladly accept all of our walk-ins!