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Quality Care For Your Mercedes

Your Mercedes-Benz vehicle was crafted with some of the finest tools, components, and service practices the automotive industry has to offer. Each vehicle that leaves Mercedes' manufacturing facility is built with the quality performance and luxury design that has become synonymous with the brand. But for your vehicle to maintain its distinctive feel, it can't go through a typical repair or maintenance service. It requires services that meet or exceed the expectations of the manufacturer, and Austin's Automotive Specialist can help with just that.

Located in Austin, Texas, our shop on 1607 West Parmer Ln. is one of the top Mercedes service specialists in the area. Our ASE Certified technicians and professional service advisors have extensive knowledge of the Mercedes' repair & maintenance guidelines. Using this information, they can provide you with a dealership-level service that'll have your vehicle operating at peak performance. And with our NAPA 12 Month / 24,000 Mile warranty, drive with confidence knowing that our team has your back.

Comprehensive A & B Maintenance

Routine preventative maintenance is crucial for your Mercedes to maintain its performance and improve its longevity. But your vehicle can't go through a typical service and use common equipment. To see the performance you want from your Mercedes, it must go through the A & B Maintenance service specified by Mercedes-Benz. At Austin's Automotive Specialist, we follow these service guidelines strictly.

Each service plan is expertly designed to handle the performance needs your Mercedes may have at specific mileage intervals. Almost all vehicle owners will go through the A Service first, which is indicated by a single wrench icon in your control panel. This service will take care of your motor oil, fluid levels, tires, brakes, and any other crucial components, and this occurs at your first 5,000 6,000 miles. The B Service happens after the next 5,000 6,000 miles and is indicated by two wrench icons. This service covers most of the same components, but also includes the cabin dust filter and wiper blades.

For more information, make sure to stop by our shop on 1607 West Parmer Ln. and learn how these services can bring the very best out of your Mercedes-Benz.

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The performance of your Mercedes vehicle is highly dependent on the auto care you provide it. Make sure you provide your Mercedes-Benz with the best in repair & maintenance by scheduling a service with Austin's Automotive Specialist in Austin, Texas. With industry experience spanning well over 40 years, we know that our automotive professionals are the right team for you and your vehicle. We'll make sure your Mercedes-Benz is always operating at peak performance!

To schedule an appointment, give us a call and speak with one of our service advisors today. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. We also accept walk-in clients, so feel free to stop by our shop on 1607 West Parmer Ln. whenever it's convenient for you. We can't wait to provide your Mercedes vehicle with quality, sustainable auto care solutions!