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We'll Keep Your Jeep Going

Your Jeep vehicle was built to be tough and durable. Owners understand that when they're driving their Jeep, they're driving a vehicle that's built to last. But even Jeeps can experience wear-and-tear and failure without proper care, and Austin's Automotive Specialist in Austin, Texas wants to help just that. Our shop on 1607 West Parmer Ln. offers comprehensive Jeep repair & maintenance services for all Jeep models available. Our ASE Certified technicians and professionals service advisors utilize the latest tools, parts, and service practices to ensure everything in your vehicle is in working order. When you bring in your Jeep for service with us, know that it's in the hands of the top automotive team in Texas and the industry!

How We Help You

At Austin's Automotive Specialist, we take pride in offering more than just quality auto service. At our shop, we're committed to providing you with a quality auto care experience. We understand the growing distrust between shops and their community, and we work hard to earn your trust at any time you're with us. Here's how we work towards earning that trust during every service visit we have.

Personalized Care

We know that a big part of our industry is understanding our clients. Every person wants to feel heard, and it's frustrating when they're not fully understood. At our facility, we make sure your automotive needs are fully understood, acknowledged, and met. Our automotive team takes extra time learning about you and your Jeep to ensure you're receiving the results you want. They also make sure to explain every service and answer any questions you have, so you're fully aware of what's going on throughout the service. You'll never have to worry about a surprise repair or hidden fee when you work with us!

Consistent Performance

We take pride in the improved quality our clients see from their vehicle after working with us. We don't have a special secret to offering quality auto care, though. For us, it's all about preventative maintenance. We make sure to set up a plan just for your Jeep, and our ASE Certified technicians make sure to monitor its health properly over time. After service with us, they'll be able to predict when you'll need your next appointment and what components & systems will need work next. The result? A vehicle that is consistently operating at its peak level of performance!

Schedule an Appointment!

Even your Jeep needs consistent service and care to maintain its performance & durability. Make sure your Jeep is always keeping you safe and schedule a service with Austin's Automotive Specialist in Austin, Texas. Our shop is well-equipped to offer your Jeep vehicle with quality service and top tier equipment. Our automotive professionals make sure that all the trouble spots within your Jeep are in working order, so you can continue to drive with confidence and precision. Stop by our shop on 1607 West Parmer Ln. and see how our team can help your Jeep, as we happily accept walk-ins. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. You can also schedule an appointment by giving us a call and speaking with one of our service advisors. We're always available to help you!