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Are You Ready for the Summer Heat?

If your vehicle's air conditioner isn't performing like it should, the best service destination in this area is Austin's Automotive Specialists in Austin, TX (1607 West Parmer Ln.). Extended trips are either avoided or cut short when the A/C is busted. Don't let your broken A/C keep you off the road or disrupt your daily schedule. There's a wide variety of possible issues with your cooling system that could be causing your A/C's problems. Our team has experience servicing the air conditioning systems for all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs. We won't play a guessing game with your vehicle, but rather will use top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment to guide us to the correct repair solution. Other repair shops may have you coming back two and three times for the same service. We'll get your A/C repairs right the first time, saving you time, money, and stress!


Repairing Fluid Leaks

Every one of our quality auto repairs starts with an accurate diagnosis. This is how we keep you driving in comfort with quality air all year long. Austin's Automotive Specialists use the industry's best diagnostic equipment to get to the bottom of your A/C troubles. Fluid leaks are a common problem for air conditioners because of a faulty O-ring, seal, or hose. The leaks can also be caused by compressor, condensers, or blower motor failures. Overall, the A/C system can be more complicated than many vehicle owners realize. When do-it-yourselfers feel they know what's wrong with their vehicle's air conditioner, they might give repairing it a shot. A lot of our customers bring their vehicles to us to fix the damages they, or another shop, may have caused in the repair process. Our A/C service experts can repair or replace any of the necessary components of your vehicle's A/C system, including compressors, fans, condenser coils, evaporators, and expansion valves. Avoid time-consuming misdiagnoses and unnecessary repairs by letting our team take care of all your A/C inspection, maintenance, and repair needs.

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Today's the day to get your vehicle passenger-ready. Don't be left in the heat or the cold without proper climate control. Your cabin's air should adjust to whichever temperature will enhance your driving experience. Austin's Automotive Specialists only use the best quality parts and the industry's latest technologies. Our team wants to be your first and last stop for any A/C performance issues. You can avoid wasted time and money by choosing our experts today, and tomorrow you'll be riding in cool or cozy comfort. Give us a call today to schedule your A/C repairs. Save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now! Next time you're in the area 1607 West Parmer Ln. just stop by! We gladly accept all of our walk-in customers.