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Comprehensive Volkswagen Care

At Austin's Automotive Specialist, we take pride in being Austin, Texas' trusted Volkswagen repair specialist. Whether you're driving the popular Beetle or a Golf with the DSG transmission upgrade, our team is prepared to help you with all your service needs. Our ASE Certified technicians and experienced service advisors carry years of experience within the industry and servicing all models that Volkswagen has available. From oil changes to transmission repairs, our team uses the top equipment and resources for every service performed. The result? A quality performing vehicle that will meet or exceed your expectations. Visit us on 1417 West William Cannon Blvd. and see what we can do for your Volkswagen vehicle!

Does Your Volkswagen Need Service?

Along with a consistent service schedule, you must understand common signs that your Volkswagen needs service. This allows you to prevent small issues from transforming into significant problems, and it'll help save your vehicle, time, and wallet. Here are a few common warning signs that indicate your Volkswagen may need service soon!

Bad Oil

Motor oil is such a crucial part of your vehicle, as it helps maintain proper lubrication and cleanliness within the engine. As the oil continues to circulate through the engine, the quality of the oil may begin to deteriorate. You'll notice this when, instead of a clear amber appearance, the oil takes on a dark, gritty look. Don't worry if you see this, as that's what the oil should look like if it's doing its job. With that said, it will need to be replaced soon, as the oil has lost most of its helpful traits and additives that keep the engine lubricated and clean.

Delayed Transmission

When you shift gears within your transmission, it should be a seamless transition regardless if you're driving an automatic or manual vehicle. This is only amplified for Volkswagen owners that opt for the DSG transmission upgrade. But if you notice there's a slight delay or even a hitch when shifting gears, that's a clear sign something wrong is going on with the transmission system. Continuing to drive can cause significant damage to the system, so we recommend a service visit with us at your earliest convenience.

We're Ready to Help You

Regular auto care is crucial to maintaining your Volkswagen performance and longevity. Make sure your vehicle is always operating at its best and schedule a service appointment with Austin's Automotive Specialist, the trusted Volkswagen repair specialists in Austin, Texas. Our ASE Certified technicians and experienced service advisors utilize their understanding of the Volkswagen brand to offer you and your vehicle with a comprehensive auto care experience. From complex repairs to simple maintenance, know that our team has you and your Volkswagen covered. Just stop by our shop on 1417 West William Cannon Blvd. or give us a call to schedule your next Volkswagen repair or maintenance service. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. We happily accept walk-in customers, so feel free to visit us at a time that works best for you!