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Bringing The Best Out of Your Honda

At Austin's Automotive Specialist, we take a lot of pride in being the go-to auto care provider in Austin, Texas. Motorists all over the community understand that our team can service any vehicle they may own, and that includes all models under Honda. Our ASE Certified technicians and experienced service advisors are experts on the Honda brand, and they'll provide you with the dealership-quality service your vehicle needs. Our team utilizes manufacturer-sourced tools, components, and service techniques for all our services to ensure your Honda performs as the brand expects it too, or better. We know you'll receive the best version of your vehicle when you visit us, and we can't wait for you to stop by our shop on 1417 West William Cannon Blvd.!

How Our Services Help

Many motorists ask us what the best approach is for taking care of their Honda vehicles, expecting us to reveal a secret. In reality, there isn't a particular service that will magically take care of everything. To have your Honda perform at its best, it needs to go through a consistent maintenance schedule. This allows our technicians to manage your vehicle's health consistently. And as experts in the Honda brand, they're able to provide your vehicle with the manufacturer-specific care it deserves! Here are a few benefits you can expect from your Honda when you have it serviced by our professionals.

Clean Oil

Responsible for keeping the engine clean and lubricated, motor oil is essential to the performance, durability, and longevity of your Honda. As you continue to drive, the motor oil starts to lose some of its effectiveness and as a result, could harm the performance of your engine. By following a routine maintenance schedule, we'll be able to ensure your vehicle is always equipped with fresh, clean motor oil!

Responsive Brakes

Directly responsible for keeping you safe on the road, a responsive braking system is crucial to the overall performance of your vehicle. As the miles start to pile up on your car, the system may begin to experience signs of wear-and-tear or even failure. This can lead to a system that isn't quite as responsive, which can be extremely dangerous for your safety. A routine service schedule ensures your braking system is always operating at its best and keeping you safe!

Stop By Our Shop!

Is your Honda in need of auto service? Are you looking for a reliable auto care provider who takes the time to understand your situation? If so, make sure you schedule an appointment with Austin's Automotive Specialist, the trusted auto care provider in Austin, Texas. Our team is some of the top automotive professionals in the industry, and they can provide you and your Honda a comprehensive list of services. From oil changes to transmission repair, know that our team can get the job done right. Just give us a call or stop by our shop on 1417 West William Cannon Blvd. to schedule your next appointment! You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. We happily accept walk-ins as well, so you can visit us at a time that works best for you. We can't wait to have your Honda vehicle operating at peak performance!