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The wheels are probably the vehicle components that are most susceptible to wear-and-tear. Normal road travel affects the wheels and tires constantly which requires consistent service attention. Perfect wheel alignment is meant to allow your vehicle to drive in a straight line without your control of the steering wheel. Typically, the earliest sign that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment is a slight drifting or veering to the right or left on its own. Austin's Automotive Specialists want to return your vehicle to its original condition. When your vehicle did not have a lot of mileage on the road, the wheels were aligned perfectly. Over time, the constant impact with the road will gradually cause the wheels to become misaligned. The vehicle's wheel alignment is similar to tires' tread and brake pads, they always need to be serviced and given proper attention. After a minor or major impact with a pothole or curb, it's important to have your wheel alignment checked out.

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Sometimes vehicle owners will overcompensate for the misalignment without noticing it. When a driver adjusts their steering control because of the drift, they can do this unconsciously. This adjustment will temporarily “solve” the issue so that whenever you're driving you'll stay relatively straight. However, the wheels are still misaligned and the tires will be wearing unevenly. Tires that are balding on one side is another obvious sign that you need a wheel alignment service. We use the industry's advanced technologies and equipment to perform wheel alignments to exacting standards. Keep your vehicle as safe as possible on the road by monitoring its wheel alignment. In addition to the possibility of drifting into another lane while driving, balding tires will compromise vehicle safety. Misaligned wheels will cause balding on one side of the tires making them unsafe for road travel.

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Our team is here to make sure you get the biggest return on your tire investment. Early tire replacements are a waste of money but they can be avoided. Be proactive with your vehicle's wheel alignment services to protect your vehicle and your passengers during road travel. Tires become more susceptible to punctures and blowouts when the tire tread is unexpectedly worn. Taking a moment to inspect your tires every time you take your vehicle out for a drive will make sure you're never caught off guard with hazardous tires. Give us a call today to schedule your wheel alignment repair. Save some time by scheduling right now using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you're in the area 12990 Research Blvd. feel free to stop by our shop.