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Oil Change

Austin's Automotive Specialists offers friendly, fast, and efficient oil change service to Austin, TX. Vehicle maintenance is important and we offer regular, high-mileage, and synthetic service for all makes and models, both foreign and domestic. Walk-ins and same day service is available Monday through Saturday. Whether you are a local, tourist, or traveler we will service your car quickly and efficiently to get you safely back on the road. Don't let an oil change get in the way, call Austin's Automotive Specialists at (512) 645-2854 and let us take care of you and your vehicle.

Regular, Synthetic, and High-Mileage Service

Oil changes used to be required every 3,000 miles or three months. Newer vehicles today can now go 5,000 to 10,000 miles without requiring service. The advancement in oil and synthetic blends is what has allowed service intervals to be stretched. Additives such as dispersants, detergents, and rust inhibitors are now also added to oil. These additives not only increase the mileage of your oil but also help engine performance and fuel efficiency. Depending on your make and model and what type of oil is needed now varies from car to car. You can find the correct service interval and oil type in your owner's manual or stop our shop and one of our oil change technicians will be happy to assist you.

The Importance of Regular Oil Change Service

Why are Oil and Filter Changes Necessary?

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle and therefore very important to change your oil and filter regularly. Your engine cannot perform as intended without maintenance service. It is not only suggested but vital to your vehicle performance and dependability. Engine oil has a few major functions; reduce friction, heat, dirt, particles, and lubricate moving parts. Staying current with your vehicle's general maintenance and service interval is more than important it's necessary.

What Happens if I Forget or Fail to Change My Oil?

Forgetting to change your oil can happen, but it is important to not make a habit of it. Forgetting an oil change can result in lack of performance, fuel efficiency, and breakdowns. The worst-case scenario, your engine could lock up. Overtime oil loses viscosity and is unable to assist in the removal of dirt, carbon, and particles that build up within your engine. Lubrication is diminished and your engine's performance will be diminished. Don't let this happen to you, come to Austin's Automotive Specialists of Austin, TX.

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Found on 12990 Research Blvd. just a short drive south of Lakeline Mall and the Austin Aquarium; Austin's Automotive Specialists promises to provide hassle-free oil change service and get you back on the quickly. we take pride in small town service that keep our customers safe and coming back. Call (512) 645-2854, stop by, or schedule service online today!