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Austin Locations

Automotive Repair in North Austin on Research Blvd
North Austin

12990 Research Blvd
Austin, TX 78750

(512) 842-4385

Austin Auto Repair on Research Blvd in North Austin
North Austin

8405 Research Blvd
Austin, TX 78758

(512) 580-7165

Auto Tuning and Auto Repair Parmer Lane in Austin, Texas
North Austin

1607 West Parmer Ln
Austin, TX 78727

(512) 710-0636

South Austin Auto Repair on South Lamar in Austin, Texas

1303 South Lamar
Austin, TX 78704

(512) 645-1618

Southwest Austin Auto Repair on William Cannon
South Austin

1417 W. William Cannon Blvd
Austin, TX 78745

(512) 645-2147

Surrounding Area Locations

Central Texas Auto Repair in Buda at 118 Trademark Drive

118 Trademark Dr
Buda, TX 78610

(512) 456-9087

Cedar Park Auto Tuning and Central Texas Auto Repair
Cedar Park

1915 South Bell Blvd
Cedar Park, TX 78613

(512) 645-2074

Central Texas Auto Mechanic in Dripping Springs
Dripping Springs

3996 E. HWY 290 West
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

(512) 829-3117

Hutto Car Repair Auto Repair Auto Tuning Auto Mechanic

103 Venture Blvd
Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 598-0769

Hill Country and Lakeway Auto Repair and Maintenance

303 Ranch Rd. 620 S.
Lakeway, TX 78734

(512) 456-3840

Auto Repair Auto Tuning Car Mechanic Round Rock
Round Rock

1800 South IH 35
Round Rock, TX 78681

(512) 580-7203

End Of Summer Car Care

car with fall leaves
As the weather changes, it’s important to think about how your car care will change. When summer is nearing its end and the weather cools, you should start to gear up for cooler weather, frost, lower pressure, and other climate changes that can impact the performance of your vehicle. Here are some car care tips to keep in mind as fall approaches.

1. Change your oil.
Checking your oil is something that should be done regularly. You often have to change the oil more often as the weather changes. In the summer, it isn’t unusual to have routine oil changes more often.

2. Check your antifreeze.
It’s important to make sure the antifreeze fluid level is where it needs to be because this fluid is vital for your vehicle’s operation. It regulates the engine temperature so that it starts up and run properly.

3. Check your tires’ pressure.
As the cool weather starts in the fall, the change in temperature can affect your tire pressure. The change in temperature can condense or expand the air in the tires. When the temperature drops, you may start to notice that you have low tire pressure. If the tire looks flat, be sure to check the air pressure and add air before you start driving.

4. Check your fuel level and keep your gas tank full.
Cold weather can cause ice crystals in your gas tank that affect your car’s performance. You never want to see how far you can go on a low gas tank just to squeeze in an extra few miles. When it’s cold, be sure to keep your tank full or mostly full.

5. Change your windshield wipers.
This is a good time to replace old windshield wiper blades. We don’t have extremely cold falls or winters, but there are times when we have ice storms in Austin. Rubber clad blades are helpful for those really cold mornings when your car ices over. The rubber clad blades can help with ice build up when you’re waiting on the defrost to kick in.

6. Check the heater and defroster.
Making sure the heater and defroster are in good working order will ensure your comfort when it’s cold, but you never want to be in a situation where you’re driving with fogged up windows.

These automotive maintenance tasks can be done at any of our Austin area Austin’s Automotive Specialists locations. You can schedule an appointment online or bring your car into any of our auto repair shops. We’ll gladly help you get your vehicle ready for fall.


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