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Austin Locations

Automotive Repair in North Austin on Research Blvd
North Austin

12990 Research Blvd
Austin, TX 78750

(512) 842-4385

Austin Auto Repair on Research Blvd in North Austin
North Austin

8405 Research Blvd
Austin, TX 78758

(512) 580-7165

Auto Tuning and Auto Repair Parmer Lane in Austin, Texas
North Austin

1607 West Parmer Ln
Austin, TX 78727

(512) 710-0636

South Austin Auto Repair on South Lamar in Austin, Texas

1303 South Lamar
Austin, TX 78704

(512) 645-1618

Southwest Austin Auto Repair on William Cannon
South Austin

1417 W. William Cannon Blvd
Austin, TX 78745

(512) 645-2147

Surrounding Area Locations

Central Texas Auto Repair in Buda at 118 Trademark Drive

118 Trademark Dr
Buda, TX 78610

(512) 456-9087

Cedar Park Auto Tuning and Central Texas Auto Repair
Cedar Park

1915 South Bell Blvd
Cedar Park, TX 78613

(512) 645-2074

Central Texas Auto Mechanic in Dripping Springs
Dripping Springs

3996 E. HWY 290 West
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

(512) 829-3117

Hutto Car Repair Auto Repair Auto Tuning Auto Mechanic

103 Venture Blvd
Hutto, TX 78634

(512) 598-0769

Hill Country and Lakeway Auto Repair and Maintenance

303 Ranch Rd. 620 S.
Lakeway, TX 78734

(512) 456-3840

Auto Repair Auto Tuning Car Mechanic Round Rock
Round Rock

1800 South IH 35
Round Rock, TX 78681

(512) 580-7203

Common Causes of Flat Tires

tire with screw puncture

Nothing can ruin your day faster than getting a flat tire. It’s an inconvenience and unfortunately, it’s something we have all probably experienced. There are many different causes of flat tires, and some more common than others. While there is no way to prevent flat tires, there are some things you can be aware of to avoid this unfortunate occurrence. Find out what some common causes of flat tires.

The most common cause is a puncture by a sharp object. Ugh, the worst! You’re just driving to work and next thing you know, you’ve picked up a nail or a screw. A puncture can cause a slow leak or you’ll lose the air right away. If the air comes out of the tire fast, pull over safely and change the tire. Most punctures can be patched, but there are instances when you’ll have to buy a new tire.

Road hazards can commonly cause a flat tire. When possible avoid uneven roads and potholes. Driving safely can help you avoid unexpected debris that can wreak havoc on the tires.

Tire bead leakage, while common, can be hard to diagnose on your own. You can bring your car to Austin’s Automotive Specialists and we will gladly help you look over the tires and any other issues you might be experiencing with your vehicle. At home tests can also be done to identify this issue, but we recommend confirmation from a certified mechanic. To test this at home, you spray soapy water on the surface of the tires, wheels, and valve system and if bubbles pop up from the surface than a bead leak is usually the culprit.

Over-pumped tires can be extremely dangerous. If you are unsure of how much air to put in your tires, seek assistance from your local mechanic or auto dealership. Too much tire pressure can lead to a blowout while you’re driving.

Another common cause that will require your mechanic to fix is when separation of the tire and rim occurs. This can happen if you accidentally run the wheel again a sidewalk or curb. The tire can slip from the rim that will cause a slow leak.

A flat tire can happen to anyone, and at Austin’s Automotive Specialists we are here to help. When you need the help from a trusted professional, call us or schedule an appointment online and we’ll have you back on the road quickly and safely.

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